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We take inspiration from the successful Scandinavian approach to leadership known as “Love Based Leadership”. Whereby leaders build trust with those around them by authentically being their loyal selves. Stories and truths are shared to show that they live in the real world. 

They too may have made mistakes and that these can be seen as a learning curve. Through sharing these successes and failures with their team it builds up Respect and Likeability often showing that if I can achieve something then so can you.

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision.”

Within the Scandinavian way of living Equality is one of the key values. Meaning that no-one is more important than anyone else and that all stakeholders are part of decision-making processes. We want our staff to consider the nursery as their own and Nurture – Care – Engage – Inspire.

We believe that Kindness can also be given by looking after your team’s Wellbeing and Mindfulness. We plan to offer some time for daily meditation, organise a local walk after work or simply just encourage our staff to take a proper lunch break.

Little touches of human kindness can really make someone else’s day. We want them to feel Special.

We want to live the messages we give and our vision.

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